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The Malama Story

Málama Composites develops and manufactures bio-based polyurethane foams for a wide range of industrial applications.  Our products are cost and performance competitive with traditional petroleum-based products.  However, they generate no water or air pollution during the manufacturing process.  They contain no toxic additives or blowing agents.  They actually sequester carbon and are far easier to reuse and recycle.  That is why at Málama, we are truly…


The Company was formed by a talented team of dedicated individuals with decades of experience in sustainable materials and socially responsible businesses.  Several members of Málama’s management were sailors and surfers.  They were very familiar with the attributes of composites over traditional wood, steel or cement materials.  These attributes include high strength, low weight, dimensional stability, and insulation value. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority of composite materials produced today rely upon petroleum-based chemistry, a non-renewable resource that often generates air and water pollution during production, can present human health risks during fabrication, and are difficult to recycle at the end of their useful product lifecycle.

Team Málama made a conscious decision to develop a fundamentally new set of composite materials base upon carbohydrate polymers derived from plants such as soy or castor, as opposed to hydrocarbon chemistry derived from oil.  Plants can provide the feedstock for industry without damaging ecosystems, interfering with the human food chain, or negatively impacting global climate change.

We join a number of innovative companies, talented designers, and enlightened entrepreneurs in providing earth-friendly materials that can enable the development of innovative products while contributing to the restoration of our ecosystems. 


David Saltman circa 1990

Lightweight Foam

Ned McMahon

Rigid Polyurethane

Ned McMahon at Málama
Composites Surfboard
Testing Facility