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Team Malama

David Saltman is Chairman and CEO of Málama Composites.  Prior to founding Málama, Saltman was CEO of Open Energy Corporation which developed photovoltaic roofing tiles and membranes.  He was Chief Marketing Officer of Flexform Technologies, the first natural fiber composites company in North America. Flexform enabled engineers at Ford, GM and Chrysler to produce automotive interiors that were stronger, lighter, less expensive and far more easily recycled than glass reinforced plastics.  

Saltman served on the Presidential task force that developed green procurement guidelines for the US government.  He has received awards from the American Marketing Association, the National Recycling Coalition, and the American Composites Manufacturing Association among others.  He was a founding member of CleanTECH San Diego and former Executive Director of the Surfrider Foundation.  He is a graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles.        

Cheryl Kessler is Chief Financial Officer.  She is an operationally oriented executive who has held C-level positions in both public and private companies.  Her experience includes IPOs, private placements, debt structuring, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, key vendor and distributor negotiations, demand/supply forecasting, as well as financial projections and analysis.  Together with David Saltman, Bostater was the co-founder of Open Energy, a publicly traded corporation listed on the OTC Bulletin Board.  She spent three years as an investment banker, but began her career as a digital circuit designer for Xerox.  Bostater earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell and an MBA in Finance from Loyola Marymount.  She is an Accredited Senior Appraiser and Chartered Financial Analyst. 

Patrick Meier is Production Manager.  Patrick has a decade of manufacturing and operational experience in the urethane foam industry.  He headed production and distribution for King Mac, which produced urethane blanks for the surfboard industry.  He was operations manager for Just Foam, supervising the pour room, authoring the production manuals, and coordinating their health and safety programs.  Prior to this he was filtration mechanic at Sea World, where he operated, monitored and repaired their marine mammal life support systems.  Patrick is a veteran who served as Propulsion Engineer in the US Navy, and later received his BA from Mesa College in San Diego.   

Nicole Mair is Office Manager

Málama has been fortunate to have recruited a Board of Advisors that have been instrumental in the development of its proprietary formulas and manufacturing methodologies. They represent some of the most experienced scientists in the field of polyurethane chemistry and bio-based materials.

Dr. Gary Zeller

Rakesh Patel

Ron Herrington is a senior scientist with 37 years of diversified experience in PUR research, development and manufacturing. He is widely known to the global industry through his patents, publications, awards, presentations and textbook on urethane chemistry. He holds a number of patents in the field of natural oil polyols and their use in both rigid and flexible foams. As an executive for DOW Chemical he invented autocatalytic polyols for molded automotive seating, and rigid insulated packaging. He also supervised start-up of DOW’s polyol plant in Japan, and developed a methodology for polyurethane recycling. Herrington holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of Houston.

Kyle Flanagan is a well-respected consultant to the polyurethane industry. His professional career began at DOW Chemical, where he developed methods for thermal analysis of PUR products, and implemented ISO 9000 at their research facility. He was a technical sales representative for their coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers division in the US and Canada, opening up new markets for these materials. Flanagan currently heads his own Irvine-based consulting firm, where he has worked for flooring companies, developed an optical ballistic polyurea, and formulated spray insulation. He is the current President of the Association for High Performance Elastomeric Technologies.

Bhima Vijayendran

Malama Composites

Currently our foams are composed of Soy and Castor oils. Future foams will be expanded to using Jatropa and Algae based oils.