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Because of their chemical versatility, low cost and high performance, polyurethane foams are used in a wide range of industrial applications. Formulations can be engineered to achieve soft foams for upholstery to rigid, high-density blocks for tool and die applications. Urethanes have very high insulation value and dimensional stability, making them an ideal choice for structural insulation in homes and buildings. These same properties are applied in the construction of refrigerators and insulated packaging.

As a light-weight core material in the production of composite assemblies, urethane foams exhibit high compressive strength and the ability to be combined with virtually all resin systems without degradation. Finally, consistent density and cell structure makes them an excellent medium for hand sculpting and machine shaping for art and industrial design applications. Málama Composites engineers rigid, bio-based foams for a number of these important markets.

Building & Construction

Whether building more energy efficient homes, greener office buildings, safer schools, or more secure government facilities, AinaCore® structural insulated panels can help you achieve your goals. READ MORE

Consumer Products

Exotic composite materials are now a vital part of our every-day lives. They enable lighter, stronger recreational products, safer, more durable tools and toys. READ MORE

Furniture & Fixtures

We live in a high performance world that values strength, lightness, and environmental sustainability. It is time our furniture reflects these market-driven realities. READ MORE

Industrial Applications

Whether you are building high performance wind turbine blades, refrigeration units, or designing tooling for the new model, AinaCore bio-based foams bring you performance features that can improve your finished products. READ MORE

Sets, Exhibits & Displays

Now you can accomplish your most creative projects with a foam core that has much more structural integrity, and is made of non-toxic, bio-based, renewable resources. READ MORE

Transportation Applications

Whether you are designing high performance yachts, next generation passenger vehicles, or high-speed rail systems, you can benefit from Malama’s bio-based foams.  READ MORE

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