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Whether building more energy efficient homes, greener office buildings, safer schools, or more secure government facilities, AinaCore® structural insulated foams can help you achieve your goals.

AinaCore features:

  • High R value
  • Dimensional stability
  • Low VOC emissions
  • Made from renewable resources

All of which will contribute to LEED certification.

                                                                      AinaCore House :: Napa


Within the building industry, AinaCore® foam panels are a domestically manufactured, bio-based, low emission material with high insulation values, thus qualify for LEED points in a number of important criteria.

AinaCore® can serve as an ideal core material for the development of structural insulated panels (SIP’s).  Combined with various cement, metal or composite skins, they can be used as insulated curtain walls, or interior walls and partitions.  Their machining capability also provides an excellent core material for architectural moldings and millwork.  



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