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Furniture and Fixtures

The furniture and fixture industry has been slow to abandon its dependence on particleboard and MDF, but we believe the change is coming.  AinaCore® panels have the ability to be shaped, laminated, veneered, edge-banded and fastened using standard fabrication methods.

They can be used as the core material for horizontal work surfaces and shelving systems, to vertical partitions and cabinetry.  They can also be shaped in complex, compound curves to produce beautiful modern pieces for indoor or outdoor use.    The reduced shipping costs and consumer benefits will be well worth the effort.

NOMAD MOBILI, a new furniture company that uses AinaCore biofoam was recently featured in Riviera Magazine.  See what all the buzz is about -- click here and go to page 56.



Work Surfaces
Vertical Partitions


Retail Interiors


A new furniture collection 100% designed and shaped with AinaCore Bio-foam.
Nomad Mobili

Málama Composites
Environmentally Friendly