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Whether you are building high performance wind turbine blades, refrigeration units, or designing tooling for the new model, AinaCore® bio-based foams bring you performance features that can improve your finished products.

AinaCore®'s consistent density and even cell structure machines and surfaces beautifully, providing:

  • High moisture resistance
  • High insulation value
  • High dimensional stability
  • High strength and durability

This, coupled with superior environmental features makes AinaCore® a key solution for your industrial applications.



The industrial applications of AinaCore® bio-based foams are nearly infinite.  Their high R value and moisture resistance makes them an ideal insulation panel for refrigerators and other consumer appliances. 

Wind Turbine Blades

Their ability to form compound curves and be surfaced with various composite skins makes them a candidate material for the construction of wind turbine blades, and for insulated storage tanks. 


Technical packaging, particularly of expensive medical devises, military products, or substances that require refrigeration are another excellent application.  AinaCore’s consistent density and uniform cell structure also lends to machine shaping for tool and die work.




Ebert Composites utilizes AinaCore Bio-foam to build lighter airline cargo containers.
Ebert Composites

Málama Composites
Environmentally Friendly