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Consumer Products

Exotic composite materials are now a vital part of our every-day lives. They enable lighter, stronger recreational products, safer, more durable tools and toys.

Unfortunately, many of these materials are made from petroleum-based, non-renewable resources, which often emit volatile organic compounds during the manufacturing process, and are difficult to recycle at the end of a product's useful life.

Now there is AinaCore® a light weight core material with:

  • High structural performance
  • Great shaping and surfacing characteristics
  • Made from non-toxic, bio-based materials


Recreational Products & Toys

Consumer product applications of AinaCore® bio-based foams are limited only by one’s imagination.  They have already been used to shape green surfboards and wakeboards, but imagine light-weight children’s toys, outdoor gazebos, and many other products where higher strength, lower weight, and design flexibility are required.



Málama Composites
Environmentally Friendly