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Whether you are designing high performance yachts, next generation passenger vehicles, or high speed rail systems, you could benefit from Ainacore® bio-based foams.

Used as structural insulation or core material in composite construction, Ainacore® bio-foams deliver strong, light weight, cost competitive products with the performance specifications and sustainable solutions your customers demand.


Automobiles / Boats

AinaCore® panels are already being used in automotive and aerospace modeling applications.  Their light weight and moisture resistance makes them a viable candidate for numerous marine applications, from molded yacht hulls to lighter furniture, cabinetry and interior wall construction. 

RV / Mobile Homes

These same features can benefit the recreational vehicle and motor home industry, where lighter weight performance is valuable. 


Eventually, we believe Málama’s bio-foams will also serve the high speed rail and automotive industry, as these products migrate to stronger, lighter composite materials.     





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