• Practical Ways To Take Care Of The Environment

    Practical Ways To Take Care Of The Environment

    As a mom, I have been thinking of ways on how to advocate green living in our household. I admit it has not been easy. As one who handles the budget, I find organic products way more expensive than their non-organic counterparts. But we are taking it slowly, replacing one or two items with natural products. For example, we use an organic baby wash. Aside from being very gentle on our baby’s skin, it is also kinder to the environment as it is biodegradable. We also use cloth diapers. I for one cannot stand the sight of our trash can overflowing with disposable diapers. That is why we switched to cloth (which is very addicting by the way because of all the nice prints and colors that are available but I try to control myself!) It takes a little more effort since you have to prewash the used diapers and then add them to the usual load of your laundry but it is truly worth it! I just love the thought that we are able to help protect the environment by switching to cloth plus it saves us a lot of money. Our youngest son is using the cloth diapers that his older brother used before. I just added a few pieces to our stash. Another situation wherein we use cloth is inside the bathroom. We have replaced our tissues with towels. We have all sizes of towels inside our bathroom that we use for different purposes. We also use eco bags. All of my purses have 2 or more eco bags inside so that whenever we go shopping, we can use them instead of plastic bags. But if we do get plastic bags, I make sure we reuse them and do not just simply throw them away in the trash. I have noticed that a lot of plastic bags state in their labels that they are also biodegradable so that is a good move for the manufacturers. We also have garage doors made of sustainable wood. It may not seem much but in our own little way, we are doing our best to take care of the environment.

  • Malama Composites Inc | Fossil Fuels: Health and the Environment

    Fossil Fuels: Health and the Environment

    Fossil fuels are made out of the remains of ancient plants and animals. As time passed by, humans found a way to make use of them as a source of energy. They used fossil fuels for transportation and electricity. To be able to transform fossil fuels into a source of energy, they have to be burned. But the problem with this is that it causes the emission of harmful gases into the air which causes air pollution. Pollution, as we all know, is bad for the health of the people and even animals. Pollution can cause cancer, respiratory problems, and neurological diseases. On the environmental side, the harmful gases emitted by fossil fuels contribute to global warming or the gradual increase in our planet’s overall temperature. Their short-term effects include acid rain which causes the acidity level of the land and water to change. This, in turn, would be harmful to the organisms that depend on these resources for their survival.

    Perhaps the most harmful effect of fossil fuels is not felt immediately. But in the long run, they would cause the deterioration of our environment. Fossil fuels are considered nonrenewable energy. Examples are petroleum and coal. These are two sources of energy commonly used by humans inside their garage doors. However, the more we use them, the more damage they can cause to our environment. They cause pollution of our air, water, and land. This would pose a big threat to our health since we all rely on our environment for the very air that we breathe, When this pollution spreads, there is a big concern for the health of the people because of we the food that we eat, and the water that we drink. This is a serious global concern. That is why it is really a good thing that environmental groups are pushing for the use of alternative and renewable sources of energy to protect our environment and all the living things that dwell on it.

  • Malama Composites In | Waste Vegetable

    The Waste Vegetable Oil Project

    Gas emissions from vehicles contribute to air pollution and have negative effects on one’s health.  Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming while hydrocarbons are said to be carcinogenic.  Nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides contribute to acid rain which affects the acidity of soils and bodies of water and can be harmful on the living things that depend on these resources.   Waste vegetable oil can also contribute to water pollution in our communities if households just throw them down the drain inside their garage doors.  In other countries, some people recycle waste vegetable oil by bleaching them or taking out the residues so that they could be sold as new oil to be used for cooking. Waste vegetable oil is also being bought by animal feed companies.  However, there are countries that have prohibited such use of waste vegetable oil for the reason that it is carcinogenic or causes cancer, and contains a lot of bacteria that can be passed on to people and animals.

    We look for innovative ways to solve our concerns in the face of this challenge to ease pollution caused by harmful gas emissions and improper disposal of waste vegetable oil. The waste vegetable oil project would address the issue of increasing fuel prices and the harmful effects of gas emissions and waste vegetable oil on health and the environment.

    Eco-warriors and humanitarian organizations thought of ways on how to make use of waste vegetable oil as an alternative fuel for vehicles. It aims to help reduce fuel costs on drivers and save the environment.  They have developed vegetable oil car systems that would allow engines to run on vegetable oil. They made adjustments on the engines to accommodate the viscosity and flash point of the vegetable oil and allow them to run using this as an alternative fuel. Endeavors like this waste vegetable oil project are really commendable because of their significance in our campaign to take better care of our environment.

  • Loving The Waves A Little Bit More

    Malama Composites Inc.: Loving The Waves A Little Bit More

    We just love surfing! We love the beach and the waves. We love the challenge of riding the different waves, with their different strengths and different lengths. It brings us a different kind of high when we ride the waves and in those moments when we are inside the waves of the ocean, everything is perfect. Everything is bliss. And as the wave passes and carries you back to the shore, there is a feeling of accomplishment. It also evokes the feeling of being one with the ocean and playing with its waves. But the thing with being one with the ocean is that you have to know how to protect it as well. Or else there won’t be any ocean to play with. For true blooded surfers, the ocean is more than our playground. It is our home. And we have to take care of it every way we can.

    Surf’s up! This is an idiomatic phrase that means you have to do something. It is time to do something. Just like how we call the Tempe garage door repairmen to fix problems in our garage and put it back in proper order. We want to promote the love for surfing and at the same time spread awareness regarding the importance of taking care of our ocean. That is why we came up with these surfboards that are environment-friendly. Since the most important gear for surfing is our surfboard, we have decided to go green with the boards that we use.

    Malama Composites Inc. was established when there was a gap in the market for composites used in surfboards. The previous manufacturer was shut down because officials found out that the materials they used for the surfboard composites were not safe for the environment and for the people. Some of the materials were even proven to be carcinogenic. The materials that they used before were petroleum-based, which meant that they were non-renewable and harmful to the environment. After the shutdown, surfers looked for ways to develop sustainable and environment-friendly products used as core materials for surfboard making. And Malama Composites Inc. rose to the challenge. We have researched the composition of different materials that could be used for surfboard blanks. The surfboard blanks are the core materials used to manufacture surfboards. These are usually made from polyurethane or expanded polystyrene. Unfortunately, these materials used to be solely petroleum-based. But Malama Composites Inc. found a way to develop eco-friendly foams using the clean chemistry of plant-based resins. The technology behind it allowed Malama Composites Inc. to make core materials for surfboards that are durable, light-weight, affordable, sustainable, and environment-friendly. Malama Composites Inc. now offers premium core materials to help the growth of the surfboard industry. The company has stayed true to its ideals and mission to take care of the ocean and spread the love for surfing.

    Malama Composites Inc. advocates green living. Let us all do our part in taking care of our planet.

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