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Málama Composites develops and manufactures proprietary rigid foams which meet the specific performance demands of our customers. Our products utilize polyols derived from soy, castor, recycled plastics and other renewable resources. In all cases, utilization of these resources does not compete with the human food chain. Every pound of our bio-based foam sequesters 2.6 pounds of carbon.

All of our products are toluene-free and contain no pentane or CFC’s. In most cases, water is our only blowing agent. As a result, our products qualify as zero emission materials. Our products are inspired by nature, a process known as biomimicry. We, like nature, manufacture our products from carbohydrates derived from plants, not hydrocarbons derived from refined oil. The manufacturing process is energy efficient, takes place under normal atmospheric conditions, and generates no water or air pollution.


Málama Composite's bio-based products combine non-toxic, methylene-based isocyanates (MDI) for the A-side, and polyols derived from plant-based renewable sources such as soy, castor, jatropha or even algae for the B-side. READ MORE

Environmental Advantages

Our products eliminate the release of volatile organic compounds associated with producing urethane foams.  They also sequester carbon.  According to a study commissioned by the US Department of Agriculture and conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Tests (NIST), every pound of Studio BioFoam® sequesters 2.6 pounds of CO2e.    READ MORE

Product Line


Sales & Distribution

Málama Composites sells directly to industrial clients as well as through our distribution partners RevChem Composites and DeRouchey Urethane Creations. Studio BioFoam® 4.0 is available in 4x8 sheets from ½” to 18” thick (±1/32”).  Studio BioFoam® 2.0 is available up to 24” thick.  AinaCore® 2.0 SI is available in 4x8 sheets up to 18” thick.  All direct orders are FOB our San Diego facility, with additional charges for packaging and shipping.  READ MORE