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Environmental Advantages

Environmental Attributes

The Company is fortunate to be entering the market with competitive environmental products just as a number of industries are attempting to green their supply chains and improve their own environmental performance characteristics.  Málama’s products are benefited by a number of legislative mandates and industry initiatives:

USGBC’s LEED Certification Program  Energy & resource efficiency; Indoor air quality 


EPA’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing  Low environmental impact; Lifecycle analysis


USDA’s Bio-Preferred Purchasing Program  High plant-based content; Domestic sourcing


DOE’s Challenge Home Program  Energy efficiency; Indoor air quality; Durability

Our products eliminate the release of volatile organic compounds associated with producing urethane foams.  They also sequester carbon.  According to a study commissioned by the US Department of Agriculture and conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Tests (NIST), every pound of Studio BioFoam® sequesters 2.6 pounds of CO2e.   

The use of AinaCore 2.0 SI structural insulation improves the energy efficiency of homes and buildings, and reduces the use of coal and natural gas traditionally used to generate electricity consumed by HVAC systems.  Finally, Malama’s products are far more easily recycled, lowering environmental impact and providing much more sustainable lifecycle.  That is why we are truly GREEN TO THE CORE®.

Sustainable Advantages

Our products are cost and performance competitive with petroleum-based PUR foams, but demonstrate significant human health and environmental benefits:

Features Benefits
High bending & sheer strength Yields resilient durable products
High R value & moisture resistance Ideal for insulating homes, cars, appliances
Uniform density and cell structure Machines and surfaces accurately
Made from low-cost plant polyols Price competitive with petro-based foams
Zero emissions (Berkley Analytical) Safer work places and living environments
Fully recyclabe; compostable Superior lifecycle performance
Carbon negative (USDA-NIST Study) Every pound sequesters 2.6 lbs of CO2e