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Product Line

Studio BioFoam® 2.0 and 4.0

Studio BioFoam® is a closed cell foam formulated to be hand sculpted or machine shaped for a wide range of industrial design applications. It can be painted and surfaced using all commonly used materials and techniques. Studio BioFoam® is ideally suited for theatrical stage sets, trade show exhibits, museum displays, retail environments, 3D signage, dimensional millwork, composite tooling, and fine arts applications.
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AinaCore® SI 2.0

AinaCore® SI was developed as a structural insulation for homes, buildings and various industrial applications. It is produced in 4’x 8’ sheets in thicknesses ranging from ½” to 18”. Every inch in thickness provides approximately R7 in insulation value.
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Product Development

In many cases, Málama Composites teams with industrial customers to develop formulations which meet their particular product specifications. This has resulted in a number of innovative products which are now working their way through the testing and commercialization pipeline.


AinaFlow is a two-part spray-in or pour-in foam that is currently being developed for a number of applications.  These include insulated packaging such as the “coolers” used to ship heat sensitive chemicals, medications and food products.  Bio-based urethane foams provide much higher insulation value and impact resistance than commonly used extruded polystyrene (EPS) or corrugated boxes.  

Málama Composites is also developing a two-part pour foam for surfboard blank business.  This industry currently uses toluene-based urethane foams which are highly toxic, presenting significant health risks to the workers who pour blanks and the shapers who turn them into high performance surfboards.  
AinaFlow® formulations can also be developed as a pour insulation material for consumer appliances, stationary and mobile refrigeration units, automotive applications, and a wide range of industrial products.  Please contact us directly regard to your specific product requirements.


AinaComb® is a foam-filled honeycomb panel designed for projects where high compressive strength is required. Various paper, polymer and metal honeycomb panels are used in composite layups, but the process of bonding resin-impregnated skins to these hollow cores can be challenging.

The expanded surface area of AinaComb® dramatically increases the sheer and bending strengths of the final composite assembly. Potential applications include high performance building systems, as well as various automotive, marine and aerospace applications.

AinaCore® HD

At the request of several customers, Málama is developing higher density foams specifically for CNC machining of complex parts. Potential applications of AinaCore® HD could include tool and die work, model making for the automotive industry, exterior and interior signage, architectural moldings and millworks, and processes requiring dimensional stability under high pressure and temperature conditions.

We encourage you to contact us directly regarding potential collaborative efforts with our technical advisors that can bring innovative, sustainable solutions to your company.