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Sales and Distribution

Málama Composites sells directly to industrial clients as well as through our distribution partners RevChem Composites and DeRouchey Urethane Creations. 

Studio BioFoam® 4.0 is available in 4x8 sheets from ½” to 18” thick (±1/32”).  Studio BioFoam® 2.0 is available up to 24” thick.  AinaCore® 2.0 SI is available in 4x8 sheets up to 18” thick.  All direct orders are FOB our San Diego facility, with additional charges for packaging and shipping. 

Sample boxes containing all three products are available upon request for $35.00.  Please contact us directly regarding product development initiatives. 

RevChem Composites
RevChem has been delivering material solutions to its industrial customers since 1975.  Their extensive inventory of materials, supplies and equipment, coupled with personalized customer service, flexible delivery capability, and technical support makes them a valuable partner to thousands of companies in the composites industry (

DeRouchey Urethane Creations
DeRouchey has been delivering foam blocks, spray systems, pour formulas and urethane coatings to the motion picture and industrial design community since 1977.  They offer national distribution and technical support capabilities, affordable sculpting bays, and deep expertise in the use of foams as a creative medium in sets, exhibits, and architectural applications (