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Malama Composites Inc | About Us. Surfing, Ocean and environment

Malama Composites Inc. was established when there was a gap in the market for composites used in surfboards. The previous manufacturer was shut down because officials found out that the materials they used for the surfboard composites were not safe for the environment and for the people. Some of the materials were even proven to be carcinogenic. The materials that they used before were petroleum-based, which meant that they were non-renewable and harmful to the environment.

After the shutdown, surfers looked for ways to develop sustainable and environment-friendly products used as core materials for surfboard making. And Malama Composites Inc. rose to the challenge. We have researched the composition of different materials that could be used for surfboard blanks.

The surfboard blanks are the core materials used to manufacture surfboards. These are usually made from polyurethane or expanded polystyrene. Unfortunately, these materials used to be solely petroleum-based. But Malama Composites Inc. found a way to develop eco-friendly foams using the clean chemistry of plant-based resins. The technology behind it allowed Malama Composites Inc. to make core materials for surfboards that are durable, light-weight, affordable, sustainable, and environment-friendly. Malama Composites Inc. now offers premium core materials to help the growth of the surfboard industry. The company has stayed true to its ideals and mission to take care of the ocean and spread the love for surfing.