How Much Does A Crime Scene Cleaner Make An Hour

The job of being a crime scene cleaner is reserved for the chosen few individuals that can stomach the nature of the job. The main motivation for most cleaners is the need to make a difference while the friendly pay grade motivates others. If you need to become a crime scene cleaner, you should understand the factors determining how much you make in an hour.

Listed below are factors that affect how much a crime scene cleaner makes in an hour.

The Cleanup Company

Cleaning company

A crime scene cleaner’s paygrade depends on the initial agreement made with the company while being hired. Most agencies pay the workers monthly and not on an hourly basis. The amounts paid to each cleaner differ from one company to another.

Job Description

The nature of a crime scene cleanup can determine the amount made by a cleaner. If the scene requires extra expertise and hours to clean, cleaners on the ground are awarded extra pay.

Regular cleanup jobs are paid in the normal paygrade scale that was negotiated and agreed upon.

Amount of Work in a Day

A crime scene cleaner hardly gets free time. On a normal day, the cleaners can be called up at any time of the day. The pay supplements the basic pay made to the cleaner at the end of the day.Galveston crime scene cleanup pays its cleaners handsomely for any overtime input.

Levels of Experience

The amount paid to a crime scene in an hour is dependent on the cleaner’s experience. Since the job is not necessarily dependent on academic qualifications, most cleaners receive additional training on-site. The average salary increases with time as one gains the relevant experience.

Police line

Crime scene cleaners make a huge sacrifice in their job. It is only fair that they receive a handsome pay at the end of the day. The additional amounts made depend on the crime scene cleanup company, nature of the crime scene, and hours of work. Accumulated allowances and basic salaries are made available in the bank accounts on the agreed date.