Practical Ways To Take Care Of The Environment

As a mom, I have been thinking of ways on how to advocate green living in our household. I admit it has not been easy. As one who handles the budget, I find organic products way more expensive than their non-organic counterparts. But we are taking it slowly, replacing one or two items with natural products. For example, we use an organic baby wash. Aside from being very gentle on our baby’s skin, it is also kinder to the environment as it is biodegradable. We also use cloth diapers. I for one cannot stand the sight of our trash can overflowing with disposable diapers. That is why we switched to cloth (which is very addicting by the way because of all the nice prints and colors that are available but I try to control myself!) It takes a little more effort since you have to prewash the used diapers and then add them to the usual load of your laundry but it is truly worth it! I just love the thought that we are able to help protect the environment by switching to cloth plus it saves us a lot of money. Our youngest son is using the cloth diapers that his older brother used before. I just added a few pieces to our stash. Another situation wherein we use cloth is inside the bathroom. We have replaced our tissues with towels. We have all sizes of towels inside our bathroom that we use for different purposes. We also use eco bags. All of my purses have 2 or more eco bags inside so that whenever we go shopping, we can use them instead of plastic bags. But if we do get plastic bags, I make sure we reuse them and do not just simply throw them away in the trash. I have noticed that a lot of plastic bags state in their labels that they are also biodegradable so that is a good move for the manufacturers. We also have garage doors made of sustainable wood. It may not seem much but in our own little way, we are doing our best to take care of the environment.