Can I Go Blind From Lasik

Can I Go Blind From Lasik

You have had this eye problem for years and want to get rid of it?. That’s why you plan to perform LASIK surgery to get a quick and effective result, such as what doctors or others try to say. But before performing this action, you should also keep in mind that there is “nothing perfect.”

This saying or quotation applies not only to people but also to everything in this universe, except, of course, the word and the source of all this. Therefore, it is applied to Lasik eye surgery.

Thousands of people live with surgery, but they also dream of seeing a better world. Where do you want to belong? Of course, you want to belong to a better recovery, right? What happens if fate chooses to have no luck? These are the considerations you should think about. The following are possible side effects that may occur after Lasik surgery:

Overcorrection or under correction


Not everyone who undergoes this type of surgery will respond correctly and ideally. There are some after surgery. dr steven stetson still recommends that you wear corrective lenses. There are also other people prescribed for superior eye surgery because LASIK surgery is incompatible with them.

Eye injury

Laser treatment or surgery offers a slight risk of eye infection but does not guarantee a 100 percent risk. Eye injury is one of the side effects that one would expect because the eyes are naturally sensitive.

Hello in the eye effect

This will be a postoperative patient experience. Maybe two or three days at night, you will see holiness. It is due to the untreated peripheral cornea. If you suffer this for a week or more, consult your doctor immediately. You can find a significant problem if you allow it. Also, avoid driving any vehicle for a week after the procedure. This will prevent accidents that may occur due to the effect of the aura.

Fin loss


In surgery, a flap of tissue is created in the cornea. This flap can leave the eye if the patient is injured or if he had eye surgery within twenty-four hours. This can cause twenty-four hours after surgery, some eye problems. It is recommended that you are in a safe place to avoid injuries and that you always have someone, possibly a nurse or a doctor, to repair the casts that cover your eyes.

Dry eyes

This is the condition that allows the eye not to produce tears that will keep it clean and moist. Doctors prescribed this type of patient for the treatment of eye drops.